R3volved Blog What You Need to Know About Organic CBD Products

What You Need to Know About Organic CBD Products


About Organic CBD Products

In a world where consumers are becoming increasingly aware of how the food they eat is produced, it’s not surprising that people who use cannabis are also seeking out healthier options. CBD is a powerful supplement that’s been used for years to help with mental health issues and physical ailments, including pain, inflammation, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Source biocbdplus.com

The good news is, there are now a number of USDA-certified organic CBD products available on the market. While the USDA Organic seal does not guarantee that a product is safe or effective, it does confirm that it meets certain standards of purity and quality.

Holistic Healing: Embracing Organic CBD Products for Mind, Body, and Spirit

To earn a USDA Organic certification, all CBD oil products need to be made from hemp that has been grown in compliance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s Organic Production Standards. In addition, if a product contains carrier oils, those must be organic as well. For example, the popular Green Gorilla full-spectrum CBD oil is formulated using organic extra virgin olive oil, which provides a great complement to the hemp extract and helps create a shelf-stable, high-quality product.

For those who are looking for a pure and natural CBD product, Joy Organics offers USDA-certified organic hemp tinctures in a variety of potencies. Their organic gummies contain no artificial flavors, colors, or dyes, and reviewers rave about how tasty they are! Alternatively, the company also sells organic softgels and capsules with added supplements such as melatonin or curcumin.

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