R3volved Business What Is a Roofer? Mighty Dog Roofing

What Is a Roofer? Mighty Dog Roofing


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In general, anyone who works on a roof should be called a “roofer” but it is important to clarify that the person’s specific qualifications, licensing and experience are appropriate for the job at hand. It’s also a good idea to get information on any limited warranties that may be offered by the company or individual.

A roofer’s day-to-day duties are primarily focused on physically working with roofing materials and tools. They typically start their work day with a safety talk and attend regular meetings with management and salespeople if they are a supervisor or team leader. They will likely have to deal with accounting tasks as well.

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Roofers can find work across a wide range of industries. The most common employers are construction companies, home improvement contractors and roofing manufacturers. These organizations will often hire both licensed and unlicensed roofing contractors as employees or subcontractors, depending on their needs. Roofers who work as self-employed contractors may need to meet state requirements for licensing and insurance. Licensed roofers are required to carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance. They are also often required to complete yearly training to keep up with roofing techniques. Unlicensed roofers are not as qualified or safe to work on a home and may not be able to offer a warranty.

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