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Types of Garage Doors


Garage Doors UK

There are many different types of British Garage Doors UK on the market with a huge range of colours, materials, designs and methods of opening available. The most important thing to bear in mind when choosing a new door is how you plan on using your garage, as this will influence the level of insulation and security you require.Source :

Up and over doors are a popular choice due to their reliable design, cost-effectiveness and massive range of styles and finishes. They are available in steel, timber and GRP as well as in both manual and automated options. Various models are available including those with vision slats to let natural light in and those that feature a canopy design at the front to maximise space both inside and out of the garage. Insulated double-skinned versions are also available for those who want a more energy efficient door or for those planning to use the garage for other purposes than just storing a car.

Choosing the Right Garage Door Opener for Your UK Home: A Comprehensive Overview


Made from a tough and flexible material similar to that used to make car bumpers, these doors are highly impact-resistant and have a ‘bounce-back’ property. This means that they flex to absorb and deflect the impact of anything that may be kicked at them such as footballs or even children’s toys. This enables the door to bounce back into its original position rather than dent or bend. Available as single, panel or bi-fold door styles they can be both insulated and uninsulated depending on your requirements.

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