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Toronto Trim Before and After


Trim is the most abused part of a home; the vacuum hose gets dragged along baseboard, doors and windows bang against the frame and even if it is painted with latex paint the surface still needs to be touched up every few years. If your trim is currently painted in oil, a primer will help with adhesion, especially on rough surfaces. A light scuff sand is also helpful as it de-glosses the trim allowing primer and paint to penetrate deeper.

Will rain ruin exterior paint?

Trim installation and repair is an art form that requires precision and a keen understanding of home aesthetics. It’s about choosing appropriate materials, repairing damage caused by age, pests and wear and tear and installing them with the correct gap-filling, caulking, and painting to ensure a polished result.

A reputable trim repair company will use high-quality materials, have customer reviews and feedback, and back their work with a warranty, giving you peace of mind that your toronto trim before and after repairs are done properly and to last. They will also provide you with a quote upfront so there is no surprises down the road.

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