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Reflexology – How to Find the Pressure Points in Feet


pressure points in feet

The feet are one of the most important pressure points in feet points in our body. They help us balance yin and yang, aid in healing and improve circulation. Massage can be an effective way to stimulate these points. However, there is a certain art to massaging the foot and it requires knowledge of how much pressure should be applied. Therefore, a trained practitioner is best suited to performing this type of treatment.

In reflexology, there are 15 pressure points (also called acupoints) on the feet that are directly linked to every part of the human body. It is believed that when these points are stimulated, it can ease pain and cure illnesses.

Big Toe (Hallux): The pressure point located at the base of the big toe is associated with the head and neck area

Find this point by pressing down on the area around your big toe. You’ll feel a depression or area where the pressure is strongest. Stimulating this acupoint relieves nausea and can treat eye diseases, ease lumbar pain, muscle cramping, apoplexy and psychoneurosis.

GB-41 (Zulinqi)

Find GB-41 by placing your thumb on the top of the inner bony bump on your ankle called the medial malleolus. Press your thumb firmly and apply pressure in circular motions for about two minutes. This acupoint relieves colds, improves patience and reduces anxiety and fear.

Zhong Zu, or Triple Heater 3,

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