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Oxygen Analyzer Equipment


About Oxygen Analyzer Equipment

The Oxygen Analyzer Equipment is used for monitoring and controlling combustion in many different settings. This includes facilities like incinerators and smaller or medium-sized boilers, as well as iron and steel, electric power, oil and petrochemical, ceramic, pulp and paper, food and textile industries. By preventing uncontrolled emissions, these units help reduce carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, which in turn lowers global warming and air pollution.

These devices use a smart solid state sensor to detect oxygen levels, utilizing sound wave speed variations as a function of the gas composition to measure the concentration of oxygen in the sample. They are designed to handle harsh environments, providing stability and accuracy even in hot, dusty, humid or corrosive conditions. They are also easy to operate and provide an analog output, a microprocessor controller and a built-in sample bypass gas to promote rapid transport of the sample.

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Paramagnetic oxygen analyzers take advantage of the natural attraction of oxygen molecules to strong magnetic fields. This approach utilizes a sampling system that contains nitrogen filled spheres suspended within a magnetic field, with the spheres twisting depending on the concentration of oxygen in the sample. This twist is then measured by a magnetic field sensor and converted to an oxygen concentration measurement. The benefits of these units include a fast response, high-sensitivity and an almost two-year battery life. They are also easy to maintain, water resistant and splash proof with a built-in flow restrictor, and the sensors and batteries can be swapped out quickly.

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