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The gaming industry in Thailand is booming and e-sports are particularly popular. But there are concerns about gaming addiction and the impact it can have on young people. Some children spend so much time playing that they neglect their schoolwork, and suffer from poor health because of a lack of sleep and adequate nutrition. Moreover, there is the risk of psychological problems and other behavioral issues such as anxiety and impulsivity. Some youngsters are also prone to spending money they don’t have on online game top-ups, resulting in debt and credit card problems.Source :www.UFABET

E-sports is competitive video gaming at a professional level and is often played by teams of competitors. The games are organised and played on digital platforms, such as Twitch or other game streaming websites. These competitions attract a lot of interest from viewers and some players even earn a living from the activity. Some of the most popular e-sport games in Thailand are PUBG Mobile, Garena RoV and Roblox.

Virtual Adventures in Thailand: Exploring Online Gaming Communities

In terms of the overall gaming market, mobile is leading the way and accounts for 69% of Southeast Asia’s video game revenues. There is a large population of gamers who prefer to use their smartphones to play video games. Some of them are interested in e-sports, but the country’s laws do not adequately regulate this industry.

Online casino games are another popular form of online gambling in Thailand. More than 17% of Thais love to spin the reels and try their luck at winning big prizes. Slot machines are relatively easy to play and offer a straightforward game mechanic. Moreover, they come with a wide range of features, such as bonuses and scatters, making them more exciting for Thai gamers.

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