R3volved Blog Mota, a Puerto Rican-American entrepreneur, is a Target of Foreclosure

Mota, a Puerto Rican-American entrepreneur, is a Target of Foreclosure


The word mota is sometimes used as a synonym for marijuana in Spanish-speaking countries. It is similar to how English speakers use words like weed, Mary Jane or ganja. Mota is also the name of a commercially available cannabis brand and a product called the Mota Pot.

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In e-mails to government officials obtained by the Globe, Mota claimed that his company had partnered with a Puerto Rican bank that loaned money to the owner of the hospital building and that Bayport was helping him through a “voluntary foreclosure.” He said his renovation plans would save the shelter, which has been in crisis for months because of an ongoing water leak.

Mota has built his image as a big shot, often boasting about his achievements in public and on social media. He was pictured with Alex and Ani founder Carolyn Rafaelian, and the university named a room in its new facility after him, the “Michael Mota ’02 Film and Photography Room.” He has even taken pictures of himself alongside the Dalai Lama and posted them to his Facebook page.

But Mota’s reality is more complicated than the rosy picture he paints for others to see. He has been sued by creditors and vendors in 10 lawsuits, and the dozens of people who have done business with him say he is unreliable and difficult to work with. He also has a reputation for lying. Several people who worked with him to raise money for first responders told the Globe they never received the donations he said he had raised through SopranosCon Cares.

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