More about Elijah

More about Elijah Barker

Elijah Barker is a digital media explorer working in R3volved, an online media platform. He has been involved with the platform since its inception and has helped shape the direction it’s taken.

Elijah was born in New Jersey and grew up surrounded by music, technology, and art. As a young adult, he moved to New York City where he pursued his interests in digital media while also exploring other creative outlets. After graduating from NYU he joined forces with R3volved, where he has become a key contributor to the development of their mission to help artists make better content through technology.

As head of Digital Media at R3volved, Elijah oversees the day-to-day operations of the platform and works closely with creators on how to best utilize their products and services. His knowledge of industry trends helps guide product decisions so that they remain current and relevant for users. He also provides guidance on monetization strategies for creators who are looking for ways to maximize their earnings potential from their content.

Elijah is passionate about promoting innovation in digital media and helping others make their mark as creators on the platform. His enthusiasm for new ideas combined with his experience in marketing makes him an invaluable asset to the R3volved team.