Explore the Facilities

explore the facilities

The Colossus is a large space station on the far side of the galaxy. Its numerous facilities are a virtual treasure trove of knowledge and information, with each boasting their own special merits. Amongst them is the Exploration Room, a technological marvel that provides and recharges Luminameter magnetic fields (MS) at a dizzying rate. It also offers a few other interesting facts to behold, including a hidden gem that’s only a mouse click away and a slew of nifty technologies that can help you get the most out of your time on the station.

Using these in your arsenal will lead to improved productivity and satisfaction, resulting in happier, healthier employees and customers alike. In addition, these facilities are a major asset to the University of Iowa and its surrounding community. Its facilities are among the best in the country and their staff is among the most highly skilled in the region. The campus is also a magnet for industry leaders and talent, with many companies scouting for the next big thing to make their mark in the Midwest.