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Cannabidiol, Also Known As CBD, Is a Natural Pain Reliever



Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is a natural substance found in the cannabis (marijuana) or hemp plants. It can be extracted from the plant and sold as a liquid, capsule, oil base for vaporizers, food items or beauty products. Unlike THC, the psychoactive compound that produces the high associated with marijuana or recreational use of hemp, CBD does not cause a “high.” It is thought to prevent the breakdown of a chemical in the brain that helps control pain, mood and mental function.

Proponents of CBD claim it treats a wide range of health conditions including chronic pain, anxiety, seizures, and inflammation. However, the results of a number of studies on purified CBD are conflicting. Its uncertain legal status—a schedule 1 drug, a useful prescription medicine for epilepsy, and a dietary supplement with countless evangelists in the wellness world—has stalled serious research.

The Science Behind CBD: How Cannabidiol Interacts with the Endocannabinoid System

FDA has only approved one product that contains a synthetic version of CBD called Epidiolex for the treatment of seizures caused by Dravet syndrome in children. The agency has not reviewed many of the CBD products available for sale in stores or online as part of the drug approval process.

Products that have not undergone FDA review may be inaccurately labeled or could contain impurities, or they may have dangerous side effects or interactions with other drugs. Those using these products assume full responsibility for their use. The authors thank the participants of this study and Sante Cannabis clinic for their support.

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