R3volved Blog An Inset Doormat Adds Warmth to Any Entrance

An Inset Doormat Adds Warmth to Any Entrance


inset doormat


is a fantastic inset doormat way to show your personality and add warmth to any entrance. Recessed mats are heavy duty and effective barriers to dirt and moisture. They can also help keep surfaces accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs. They come in a variety of absorbent materials including coir and rubber and can be cut to size for any shaped recess.

While there is no hard and fast rule about what size a doormat should be, it’s important to make sure that the mat fits snugly against your door frame and doesn’t hang over either side of it. Generally, rectangular mats work well for most doorways, but if you’re looking to be extra creative, there are also options available in runner sizes and other unique shapes such as a half moon.

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Most outdoor doormats are made from durable materials that can withstand moisture and cold, snowy weather. Coir and rubber are some of the most common choices since they’re long-lasting and resist moisture. If you live in an area with lots of snowy weather, we recommend getting a nonslip mat so that it stays securely in place when people walk across it.

The Letterfolk Tile Mat is a standout thanks to its attractive black-and-white colorway and ability to be customized with additional “tiles” you can swap in and out to create your own pattern or write a message. However, it lacks a bit in efficacy since the slats don’t dry shoes quite as well as some other options.

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